Mainstreaming Assisted Living Technologies

Service Planning

Why is this important?

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“We don’t want to go here’s telemonitoring where can you use it... let’s just have a think about what problems you encounter and let’s just see if technology can make that easier, and then go out and find a solution.”

“We are expecting clinicians to work around the kit and it shouldn’t be like that. They should be able to say, we need such and such, and we should be able to supply that.”

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What are the key steps?

Questions to consider when designing your service

Patient assessment and review

Installation, technical support and maintenance

Monitoring activities

Triage and clinical support

Key features that help to improve adoption of telehealth

The MALT study identified key features of telehealth that can help to facilitate successful remote monitoring of patients, and increase acceptance and adoption among frontline staff. They are shown in the figure below, which can be downloaded here.