Mainstreaming Assisted Living Technologies

Learning and Improvement

Why is this important?

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“We went out and discovered for ourselves, oh it’s really good for that type of patient and that type of patient, and we were able to say oh I wonder if it would be useful for this patient as well.”

“It’s very difficult to do much work with what we’ve got at the moment. We can go out and do training on what we’re using but it’s limited in its application and that makes it a barrier in itself.”

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What are the key steps?

Learning from the MALT study

MALT conducted four case studies to learn about how telehealth was being used for community nursing, and to identify key barriers and enablers to successful telehealth. Click here to download a summary of the factors affecting telehealth adoption.

Findings from the case studies were used to run action research to improve the telehealth service in each site and address key barriers to staff adoption. Although telehealth was being used differently in each site, staff chose common improvements to make:

Although staff were able to make some improvements during the research, it was difficult to achieve change without additional resources or key stakeholder involvement. Please see the key messages from our work to find out more.

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