Mainstreaming Assisted Living Technologies

Resources for Implementing Telehealth

Research team: Jo Taylor, Lizzie Coates, Gail Mountain, Bridgette Wessels, Olubukola Otesile from University of Sheffield


The aim of this workstream was to understand the key barriers and facilitators to staff adoption of telehealth within the four research sites, and then to collaborate with those sites in order to help promote staff adoption and integration of telehealth into clinical practice.


A systematic review of the literature on frontline nursing staff adoption of telehealth was completed in order to feed into subsequent primary research stages. Qualitative case studies of the use of telehealth in each research site were then developed via in-depth interviews with a total of 105 staff (frontline clinical and technical staff, operational and strategic managers and commissioners). These case studies fed into the development of two cycles of action research in each research site. This work was run over 6 months to help incrementally improve local telehealth services and enabled the project to gain a longitudinal understanding of the barriers and enablers to telehealth adoption.